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Led information display board
Led information display board - VMS

Traffic guidance systems

The Led information display board developed by C.T. Elettronica are used extensively where optimising the flow of vehicles or pedestrians is of strategic importance to ensure a high service level for users.
The information shown on this type of signs can vary depending on the specific application environment.
One of the most common applications is routing towards parking areas. Displaying the free or busy condition or directly the free spaces of the car parks nearest to the sign, vehicle traffic can be routed, relieving congestion in particularly critical areas of town centres.
Other applications:
showing arrivals/departures of boats/buses/trains, with information about times and guidance towards the quay/gate/platform;
public or private car parks with reading the number of spaces available from a pre-existing central system or by coils, transponder or other suitable sensor system;
generic traffic information managed directly by traffic police departments (programmed traffic blocks, alternative routes, etc.)

The base configuration involves the installation of a central server and connection to the signs via Ethernet, optic fibre or wireless networks, including GPRS/EDGE/UMTS.

Interaction takes place via a web server, through which it is possible to send information and read the operating conditions of the signs. In the case of automated control (free spaces, times, etc.), the server interfaces directly with the sensors supplied by C.T. Elettronica or with information systems already operating c/o the customer.
In the latter configuration, the system is completely autonomous and interaction with the operator is limited to diagnostic control only.