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Variante di Valico Inauguration - 23/12/2015

Variante di Valico. Inauguration of the "Variante di Valico in the stretch Firenze- Bologna at the presence of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
variable message signs supplied by CT ELETTRONICA S.r.l. in total 65,80 km.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Full-Color and Lane Control Signs for Peshraw tunnel
Peshraw tunnel. On the evening of March 20 the technological systems of Peshraw tunnel were started off for the first time. On the eve of Nowruz, a traditional Middle Eastern, and in particular Kurdish festivity, the presence of Bahroz Muhammed Salih, Governor of Sulaimaniyah city, and Twana Jalal Kamal, General Manager of GDCH city, the lighting, ventilation, security and surveillance of the tunnel were initiated.
C.T. Electronics was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of electronic devices and systems for the sector caravans and motor homes. Within a few years the production has expanded progressively reaching other areas such as road safety, mounting systems for vehicles of special needs, LED signalling panels for advertising use, and LED lighting systems . Over the years, CT-Electronics widens its range of VMS and its fields of use, produces video surveillance systems for road application, sequential lamps for dangerous curves, displays for monitoring the speed of vehicles. In 2000 the company patented and began manufacturing trailers with variable message signs, power supply and camera for traffic monitoring.The intrest of C.T. Electronica to invest in research and innovation, has lead it gain a a place among the leading Italian companies in the production of traffic detection systems and variable message signs.