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LED tunnel lights
Tunnel lighting system - Led Lamps

This lamp has been designed to meet new lighting requirements combining technological innovation, low consumption rates and compliance with current regulations. The lighting device as a whole warrants a life of 90,000 hours with less than 30% flux reduction.
This means that the useful life of the device exceeds 10 years, providing a significant cost savings compared to the traditional technology. Maintenance operations involve costs for reaching the point required with appropriate equipment and those for lane closing, also taking into acoount hazards due to the necessary narrowing of the carriageway. In the event of a momentary power failure or the triggering of electric cutout devices, the tunnel lit with a sodium system cannot be turned on again until it has cooled completely, unlike an Led system, which restarts immediately thereby avoiding the hazards associated with a lighting failure of several minutes. Saving, dependability and safety make the LED LAMP the ideal device for TUNNEL LIGHTING.